So What's the Benifit? [Vehicle Wraps]

Common ways to restyle your vehicle is forking out loads of cash for a fresh paint job. Quality paint can be quite costly, and going “budget-minded” can cost you even more in the long run due to the cheaper paint fading, cracking or completely failing. (Ugh) Fortunately, there are alternatives out in the market: Vinyl Vehicle Wraps. This thin wrap film when professional installed and maintained, mimics the look and feel of real vehicle paint. You probably have driven past a car wrap and didn’t even know it?

There are now a wide gamut of colors, finishes and manufacturers available in todays market giving you hundreds of options for your vehicle wrap. If that isn’t reason enough to wrap your vehicle, Here is a list of reasons and benefits to convince you otherwise.


New paint Coatings will and can cost you upwards to $18,000, but the hidden costs can add up to even more with the fees of disassembling and reassembling your vehicle. Any existing dents or rust spots, expect to pay even more. Vinyl vehicle wraps cost a fraction.


Aside of the expensive custom paint process . They take days... sometimes weeks to complete, which denies access to your vehicle during that time. Vehicle Wraps, on the other hand, is quick! Typically taking a day or less depending on your vehicle and scope of the wrap. Sometimes the process that takes the most time is deciding on what color or design you want for your vehicle.


Not only updating the look of your vehicle, vinyl wraps also protects your car’s factory paint job from fading, scratching, corrosion, swirl marks, and minor damage. Even if you have a brand new vehicle, a new vehicle wrap can go a long way keeping your factory finish new again when removed for resale or lease return.


Trying to sell a vehicle that has a custom paint job can be difficult, especially if the finish and color is uniquely yours. With a vinyl vehicle wrap, you can wrap your car in whatever color or designs you wish, then simply remove it when it comes to sell it or trade your vehicle in.


If you are a business, regardless of size. Wrapping your Vehicle with your advertising can be one of the best marketing investments you can ever make. According to several outdoor studies, vehicle wraps can generate about 30,000-75,000 views a day depending on you commute, of which 30% are potential customers that can be yours. Now consider how affordable vinyl wraps are, you could launch a new ad campaign within days.


You have your own unique style, so why not find yours with a custom vehicle wrap. Whether you choose pearled, gloss, matte vinyl wrap, there’s a vinyl wrap that suits you.

We will be adding more useful information on the topic of Color Change Wraps soon. The industry is always evolving, and we get so excited when it does. Thanks, and feel free to share this with your friends on social media. Below you will find a share link for your convenience… more to come.